C-Smash VRS launch announced for Meta Quest 2/3 & Pro

Jerry on 2024-04-05
Futuristic sports puzzler C-Smash VRS has launched for Meta Quest 2/3 & Pro. A collaboration between developers RapidEyeMovers Ltd. and Wolf & Wood, VRS is a reimagining of Cosmic Smash. Sega Rosso studio's 2001 Sega NAOMI arcade and Dreamcast title can be described as a cyberpunk mashup of the meatspace sporting event known as squash and the arcade classic Breakout.

Planned for release in late summer alongside the first-person PlayStation VR2 experience, C-Smash VRS: New Dimension expands the combination of racket sports with block breaking with a new mode supporting third-person gameplay on PlayStation 5. Music by Ken Ishii and Danalogue is streaming on Spotify, while the C-Smash VRS EP ships on vinyl from Rough Trade and Black Screen Records in Europe.

Key contributors on the development team include sound designer Dan Pugsley, art director Rob Davis, and visual designer Cory Schmitz. Concept art illustrations are contributed by Rob Davi. A post-launch software update brought brings co-op, Infinity mode, and music by Unkle. 36 brand-new Journey mode stages will bring the total count up to 140.

From the product page:
Playable in 3rd person in the spirit of SEGA’s icon (Cosmic Smash), C-Smash VRS - New Dimension is a brand-new experience for the first time on PlayStation 5, featuring innovative new gameplay, combining the very best of racket sports with block breaking, 140+ stylish levels, iconic graphic design, and hypnotic original music.

Players move, dash and duck, performing intense shots, leaps and power smashes while racing against time, either solo or with a friend. With a variety of modes, players can journey to the edge of space and time in single player or make a cosmic connection with a friend and take part in versus and co-op fun. The game’s cross-platform leaderboards create fun challenges for the game’s growing global player community.
Meta Quest - C-Smash VRS

Rough Trade - C-Smash VRS Ken Ishii and Danalogue EP

Black Screen Records - C-Smash VRS Ken Ishii and Danalogue EP