Botanicula soundtrack branches out onto streaming services

Jerry on 2012-04-23
The soundtrack to Czech studio Amanita Design's point-and-click adventure title Botanicula is now available to purchase through Bandcamp.

The game is available for Windows, Mac and Linux through Steam. The digital soundtrack and art book, with design drawings by creator Jaromir Plachy, is on The soundtrack is streaming on Spotify.

Amanita Design uploaded an animated music video for the opening track "Juchu," viewable on YouTube. Hans Lilljekvist's piano arrangement of the same theme is streaming on SoundCloud.

From the Steam product page:
Botanicula is a humor-filled adventure game created by the makers of award-winning Machinarium and Samorost series, studio Amanita Design and Czech band DVA. Five friends, little tree creatures, set out on a journey to save the last seed from their home tree which is infested by evil parasites.
Bandcamp - Botanicula
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