Nippon Columbia presses Animal Crossing Totakeke Music Vinyl

Jerry on 2022-04-29
Publisher Nippon Columbia has pressed the limited edition vinyl soundtrack Animal Crossing Totakeke Music Instrumental Selection.

The A-side of the album selects energetic tunes from Animal Crossing: New Horizons , while the B-side collects chill-out tracks. Known as "Totakeke" in Japan, the character K.K. Slider visits Animal Crossing towns each Saturday to perform his songs. The name is a nod to series sound director Kazumi Totaka.

Totakeke Music Instrumental Selection bundles 18 music tracks from the game. The vinyl soundtrack, featuring music from Nintendo's Switch-exclusive life simulator, ships on a single analog record from distributors Vinyl Luxe, and Black Screen Records in Europe.

Nippon Columbia's compact disc box set can also be purchased separately. Music for the game is by Yasuaki Iwata, Shinobu Nagata, Masato Ohashi, Yumi Takahashi and Sayako Doi.

Nippon Columbia - あつまれ どうぶつの森 とたけけミュージック【アナログ】