Turrican Collector's Edition now shipping from Strictly Limited

Jerry on 2023-05-04
Turrican Collector's Edition is now shipping from Strictly Limited, available for PS4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch consoles. The Anthology compilation includes the Turrican Documentary on Blu-ray disc and soundtrack on four compact discs.

Currently in stock at the publisher, the Turrican 30th Anniversary Sound Collection bundles seven 180-gram analog records. The Turrican Anthology digital editions can be purchased through composer Chris Huelsbeck's Bandcamp page.

The anniversary trailer features commentary by Yuzo Koshiro. A livestream interview with the composer can be found on the Digital Foundry YouTube channel.

Strictly Limited - Turrican Collector's Edition - (PS4) / (PS5) / (Nintendo Switch)

Strictly Limited - Turrican Anniversary Sound Collection