Tales of Asteria soundtrack streaming on Amazon Music Unlimited

Jerry on 2023-03-16
Namco published the first installment in the Tales Of action role-playing game series 27 years ago. To celebrate, the newly founded Bandai Namco Game Music label has published the digital soundtracks for numerous installments in the franchise.

Developed by KLab, mobile app Tales of Asteria launched for iOS and Android devices in 2014. Music for the game is by Takao Ogi of BeeTonics and KLab Sound Team members Kimihiro Abe, Yasuhiro Isoda, Tasuku Matsukura, and Sadaki Naoe.

The 80-track digital album is now available for streaming on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music Unlimited. An eleven-minute soundtrack trailer can be viewed on the Sweeprecord YouTube channel.

YouTube Music - Tales of Asteria Original Soundtrack (Streaming)

Apple Music - Tales of Asteria Original Soundtrack (Streaming)