Paradox Interactive opens preorders for Surviving Mars vinyl soundtrack

Jerry on 2021-06-12
Publisher Paradox Interactive of Stockholm has opened preorders for composer George Strezov's Surviving Mars double vinyl soundtrack album.

The science fiction city-building sim developed by Haemimont Games tasks the player with constructing functioning human colonies on Mars. Critical activities including building domes and infrastructure, cultivating food, and mining minerals for the off-world colonies. The title is available for Windows, Mac and Linux through Steam, as well as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.

The dual analog record picture disc publication is expected to ship by early 2022. The 28-track Surviving Mars digital soundtrack album is streaming on Apple Music. From the product page:
From Paradox's Surviving Mars comes this unique soundtrack composed by George Strezov. This set of two coloured Vinyl with marble effects delivers the hand chosen gems from this soundtrack. Listeners will hear themes meant to evoke discovery and far-reaching exploration through the vast expanse of space.
Paradox Interactive - Surviving Mars double vinyl soundtrack album