Star Wars: Hunters Original Game Soundtrack premieres on Spotify

Jerry on 2024-06-11
Composer Gordy Haab's Star Wars: Hunters soundtrack has debuted on streaming platforms. Zynga's free-to-play arena combat game launched earlier this month for Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android devices.

Star Wars game scores by Haab include the Battlefront duology and Squadrons. In February of this year, the musician's soundtrack with Stephen Barton from Jedi: Survivor received the Grammy Award for Interactive Media.

The Hunters game score features collaborations with metal band Galactic Empire, The Callisto Protocol composers Finishing Move Inc, and FEZ composer Disasterpeace. The 20-track album is streaming on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music Unlimited.

From the product page:
The Arena brings together all-new, unique Hunters from across the Star Wars galaxy each with larger-than-life personas, rich undiscovered pasts and ability sets that make them formidable combatants.

Gear up for battle choosing from a roster of new characters, including nefarious bounty hunters, heroes of the Rebellion, Imperial stormtroopers, and everything in between. Outclass opponents by mastering advanced abilities, skills and strategies while fighting it out in intense 4v4 third-person combat and dominating opponents on the road to fame in The Arena.
Star Wars: Hunters (Original Video Game Soundtrack) - Apple Music / YouTube Music