SCHiM for consoles and Steam slated for release in July

Jerry on 2024-04-17
Independently developed 3D platformer SCHiM is planned for release on consoles and through Steam in July. The game's stylized, abstract graphical art style depicts Dutch-inspired locales, limited to four colors per level.

Developed by Ewoud van der Werf in collaboration with level designer Nils Slijkerman, the player controls a human spirit or "Schim" separated from its owner. To return home, the Schim must jump from shadow to shadow, looking for a way back.

The SCHiM EP sampler previews five music tracks composed for the game by Brazilian band Moonsailor. Piano is by Rafael Langoni, with Gabriel Marques on synthesizers, Pedro Araujo on acoustic guitar and ukulele, Renan Martins on drums, with Dirceu Leite and Yuri Villar on flutes. The EP is available through Bandcamp and streaming on Spotify.

SCHiM is planned for release on July 18th for Windows, Mac, and Linux through Steam, along with Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PlayStation consoles. Music previews can be viewed on YouTube, courtesy of Black Screen Records.

From the product page:
SCHiM is a game about jumping from shadow to shadow in a challenging and lively environment. This 3D platformer takes elements of light & animation and adds them directly to the gameplay, delivering an experience that you will only find in SCHiM.
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