Persona 2 Sound Collection streaming on Apple Music & Spotify

Jerry on 2021-03-12
The "Persona 2 Sound Collection" compilations feature music from the Persona 2 duology for PlayStation, composed by the Atlus Sound Team.

The PlayStation Portable enhanced port of Innocent Sin includes new compositions and arrangements, involving the participation of series composers Shoji Meguro, Ryota Kozuka and Atsushi Kitajoh.

Japan's King Record label published the Persona 2: Innocent Sin PSP soundtrack on six compact discs in April of 2011, overseen by sound director Toshiko Tasaki and featuring music by Toshiko Tasaki, Kenichi Tsuchiya and Masaki Kurokawa.

The six-installment digital album series, covering both Playstation installments, is available for streaming through Amazon Music, Spotify and Apple Music.

Spotify - Atlus Sound Team