Patapon 2 Original Soundtrack now playing on Spotify

Jerry on 2023-12-21
Patapon 2 for PlayStation Portable launched in 2008. Sound design for the rhythm-based 2D platforming action game was overseen by Kemmei Adachi.

In 2020, Sony published enhanced port Patapon Remastered 2 for PS4, introducing new minigames. The 28-track soundtrack album is streaming on Spotify and Apple Music Japan, courtesy of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Adachi is currently serving as music composer on the independently developed spiritual successor Ratatan, directed by Patapon designer Hiroyuki Kotani.

From the product page:
Cut off from their Zigoton compatriots after a Kraken attacks their ship, the Patapon tribe find themselves ship-wrecked on a strange new land. As their deity, it’s your job to lead the Patapon army using a variety of rhythmic drum commands as they encounter brand new enemies, allies and a host of new bosses as they continue their search for their promised land, Earthend. Combine the various chains of drumbeats to address each unique level, leading the Patapons to victory over the enemy forces.
Apple Music Japan - パタポン2 オリジナル・サウンドトラック