OU Original Soundtrack by Daisuke Shiiba debuts on Steam

Jerry on 2023-08-30
G-MODE will publish adventure game OU today by developer room6, playable on Nintendo Switch and Windows through Steam. The digital soundtrack by Daisuke Shiiba is now available through Steam.

The setting of U-chronia is described as "a hazy world that lives in hazy memories of the distant past." The protagonist, OU, is an amnesiac young boy who awakes in a dried up riverbed. He soon meets Zarry, an opossum with a flaming tail, who guides him on a journey to make sense of his surroundings.

The intro to the game sets the mood with solo guitar pieces. As the player progresses, wind, string, and percussion instruments join in, further layering the sore. Theme song "Like Magic," composed by Daisuke Shiiba, features lyrics by scenario writer and artist Kodaosakana. Vocalist Hana Miketa performs the song in two separate renditions with Japanese and English-language lyrics.

The composer says, of the music score:

"During the first part of the game, you can hear music written specifically for guitar, and I've gone to great lengths to make sure that all the subtle nuances of the performance would come through to the player. As the story's climax approaches, more strings and percussions join the sound palette to underscore the growing tension."

Guitar is by Tendo, with violin by Asuka Kobayashi, violoncello by Ayumi Suenaga, flute by Kan Saito, and percussion by Hiroyuki Takizawa. Recording and mixing for the album is by Yoshiaki Kondoh of GOK SOUND in Kichijoji, Tokyo. A nine-minute soundtrack trailer can be viewed on the G-Mode YouTube channel.

From the product page:
A pen-drawn world reminiscent of the illustrations in children's literature, accompanied by music for guitar and other instruments ripe with nostalgia for an old hometown. This is the background where the Story, a story meant for someone, unfolds.
G-Mode - OU Staff

Nintendo - OU product page