Motohiro Kawashima publishes Prepared Wave solo album EP

Jerry on 2021-03-04
Streets of Rage series co-composer Motohiro Kawashima has published the "Prepared Wave" solo album EP through his Bandcamp page.

Music from the album, which includes "Floating Spirits," "Cycle of Rebirth," "Crossbreed," and "Escape the Cage," was performed live at the the Star Pine's Cafe venue in Kichijōji, Tokyo in November of 2019. A video of "Urban Delusion" and "Prepared Wave" from the live performance can be viewed on YouTube.

A teaser trailer featuring "Urban Delusion" can be viewed on YouTube. Graphics for the trailer, along with artwork and design for the album, are by Norihiro Yamamoto.

Bandcamp - Prepared Wave