Metaltoads vinyl arranges music from Battletoads

Jerry on 2021-12-11
Publisher Respawned Records has pressed the "Metaltoads" arrangement album to "TOADJAM" (Translucent Orange with Black splatter) vinyl.

Limited to 500 copies, the analog record release arranges music from developer Rare's Battletoads by Donkey Kong Country series composer David Wise. Upbeat guitars and synths characterize the album's arrangements of the the 1991 NES soundtrack by Vladimir Tugay (Darkman007), with mixing and mastering by Anatoly Bogoslavsky (Tape Machine Records) and Egor Chernopazov.

Music from Battletoads appears on the album with permission from Microsoft Corp under mechanical licensing. The digital edition can be purchased through Bandcamp and streamed online on Spotify.

From the product page:
Presented on a "TOADJAM" (Translucent Orange with Black splatter) vinyl, this is a Swamp Shredding recreation of the classic Battletoads soundtrack. Upbeat heavy guitars and synth will carry you through this turbo tunnel of brutal music.
Respawned Records - Metaltoads (Battletoads Cover Soundtrack) by Vladimir Tugay