Loop Hero double vinyl soundtrack published by Devolver Digital

Eric on 2022-05-26
Publisher Devolver Digital has opened preorders for the Loop Hero deluxe double vinyl soundtrack, scheduled for shipping in November.

The analog record set will ship on one light blue and one orange heavyweight LP, delivering thirty tracks mastered specially for vinyl. Music is by Aleksandr "blinch" Goreslavets. Excerpts from the synthwave chiptune score are streaming on SoundCloud.

The independently developed title by Russian studio Four Quarters embraces a 16-bit visual aesthetic. The nameless protagonist is tasked with reclaiming a devastated wasteland. Each expedition presents the player with a randomly generated loop path, whose surroundings they construct by fighting monsters to win cards, which are then placed to create terrain, helpful structures, and enemy spawn points.

The deck-building rogue-lite Loop Hero is available for Nintendo Switch, along with Windows, Mac and Linux through Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store. The Loop Hero digital soundtrack is available for purchase on Steam and GOG.

From the product page:
The Loop Hero double LP is equipped with light blue and orange heavyweight vinyl, with 30 specially mastered chiptunes impressed upon them. These will be plunged into printed inner sleeves that in turn are sheathed in a spot glossed wide-spined outer sleeve. The whole package is adorned with artwork by pixel art specialist Dmitry "Deceiver" Karimov and illustrator Alexandra "Bard-the-Zombie" Fomina.
Devolver Digital - Loop Hero (Deluxe Double Vinyl)