LocoRoco vinyl soundtrack available for shipping from Fangamer

Jerry on 2020-12-18
Fangamer has pressed the LocoRoco two-disc analog record set. The PlayStation Portable soundtrack has been remastered and pressed to vibrant yellow and pink vinyl.

The 2D platformer LocoRoco was designed by Tsutomu Kouno at Sony Computer Entertainment, utilizing dynamic music and the PSP's computer graphics capabilities. Available for shipping from Tucson, the album features original art by mushbuh and contains 42 tracks by Kemmei Adachi, Nobuyuki Shimizu, and Kouji Niikura.

The estimated shipping date for preorders from European distributor Black Screen Records is February 2021. The digital soundtrack is streaming on Spotify. LocoRoco Remastered is available for PlayStation 4.

Fangamer - LocoRoco Vinyl Soundtrack

Black Screen Records - LocoRoco Vinyl Soundtrack (Preorders)