Lagrange Point score transported onto vinyl record release

Jerry on 2016-10-09
Composed by the Konami Kukeiha Club, the Lagrange Point analog record ships through distributors Mondo, The Yetee, and disk union in Japan.

A collector's item for Famicom audiophiles, the Japan-exclusive role-playing game launched in 1991 with a "special memory mapper chip (the VRC7) that enabled the cartridge to produce FM synthesis," giving it a unique and memorable sound quality.

A JRPG sporting detailed sprite art and narrative-heavy science fiction plot, the often overlooked 8-bit epic found a new audience overseas with the release of an English translation in 2014 by hobbyists at Aeon Genesis. The digital soundtrack is streaming on Apple Music and Amazon Music Unlimited.

Mondo - Lagrange Point Vinyl

The Yetee - Lagrange Point Vinyl

disk union - LAGRANGE POINT LP