Kentucky Route Zero TV Edition ported to PS5 & Xbox Series X|S

Jerry on 2023-08-17
Developer Cardboard Computer has ported Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition, published by Annapurna Interactive for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles.

Act I of Kentucky Route Zero introduces truck driver Conway, directed by his employer at an antique shop to deliver items to buyers in Kentucky. On the way to 5 Dogwood Drive via Interstate 65, Conway stops at a gas station to get directions. There he discovers that the only known way to his destination is through the mysteriously designated "Route Zero."

Composer Ben Babbitt's soundtrack to Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition is available for purchase through Bandcamp, courtesy of publisher Annapurna Interactive. The album is streaming on YouTube Music, Spotify, and Apple Music platforms.

The music score from the point-and-click adventure game features the Bedquilt Ramblers on "Long Journey Home" and "You've Got to Walk," as well as Junebug on "Too Late to Love You," and Emily Cross on "I'm Going That Way." Excerpts are streaming on SoundCloud.

Kentucky Route Zero is also available for iOS and Android devices, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch consoles, along with Windows through Steam, GOG, and

From the product page:
Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition is a magical realist adventure game in five acts, featuring a haunting electronic score, and a suite of hymns and bluegrass standards recorded by The Bedquilt Ramblers. Rendered in a striking visual style that draws as much from theater, film, and experimental electronic art as it does from the history of videogames, this is a story of unpayable debts, abandoned futures, and the human drive to find community.
Cardboard Computer - Kentucky Route Zero TV Edition Website

YouTube Music - Kentucky Route Zero Original Soundtrack (Streaming)

Apple Music - Kentucky Route Zero Original Soundtrack (Streaming)