NatsumeAtari posts KAGE Shadow of the Ninja gameplay trailer

Jerry on 2023-08-07
Developer NatsumeAtari's latest installment in the Tengo Project remake series is KAGE Shadow of the Ninja, announced for Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and Steam. Music for the game is by original composer Iku Mizutani.

Natsume's wo-player co-op side-scrolling action game Shadow of the Ninja launched for the Nintendo Famicom console in August of 1990, and received an English-language localization, rebranded as "Blue Shadow" for Europe and Australia. A planned Game Boy port served as the basis for Ninja Gaiden Shadow, featuring music by Ninja Warriors composer Hiroyuki Iwatsuki.

In a teaser trailer posted to YouTube last week, both music composers appear onscreen dropping hints at the Tengo Project's next series installment. The remake of the platformer will arrive in spring of 2024, previewed in today's gameplay reveal trailer.

NatsumeAtari's enhanced port The Ninja Saviors: Return of the Warriors arrived for Windows through Steam on July 24th, published by Taito. The widescreen remaster of the Super Nintendo brawler sports hand-animated pixel art and adds two new playable characters.

From the product description, via
Tengo Project’s dedication to 16-bit pixel art as seen in its highly acclaimed previous title Pocky & Rocky Reshrined continues on in KAGE Shadow of the Ninja. Painstakingly crafted pixel art graphics formulate the game’s aesthetic.

Iku Mizutani. who composed music for the original Shadow of the Ninja, as well other Natsume titles like Shatterhand and the Medabots series, returns for KAGE Shadow of the Ninja. His nostalgic guitar playing has never sounded better.

The key visual and character illustrations are being handled by Dynamic Production, which also handled the 90s original, and is known for Mazinger Z and Grendizer. - 闇の仕事人KAGE Shadow of the Ninja