Shadow of the Ninja - Reborn slated for release on August 29th

Jerry on 2024-04-26
Developer NatsumeAtari's latest installment in the Tengo Project remake series is Shadow of the Ninja - Reborn. Music for the game is by original composer Iku Mizutani, with oversight by Ninja Warriors composer Hiroyuki Iwatsuki.

In a teaser trailer preceding the official announcement, both musicians appear onscreen dropping hints at the Tengo Project title. The remake of the platformer is scheduled for release on August 29th for Windows through Steam, along with Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 and PlayStation 5 consoles. ININ Games will serve as publisher for the physical edition.

Natsume's two-player, co-op side-scrolling action game Shadow of the Ninja launched for the Nintendo Famicom console in August of 1990, and received an English-language localization, rebranded as "Blue Shadow" for Europe and Australia. A planned Game Boy port served as the basis for Ninja Gaiden Shadow, featuring music by Iwatsuki.

The Ninja Saviors: Return of the Warriors arrived for Windows through Steam back in July, published by Taito. The widescreen remaster of the Super Nintendo brawler sports hand-animated pixel art and adds two new playable characters.

Preorders have opened at Strictly Limited Games for Shadow of the Ninja - Reborn Collector's Edition for Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PlayStation 5. The box set ships with the physical release of the game, a poster, and soundtrack on compact disc.

From the Steam store page:
"KAGE ~ Shadow of the Ninja" is a ninja-themed side-scrolling action game released by the Japanese game developer Natsume on August 10, 1990, for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). At that time, the game received high praise from players and the industry for its excellent controls, innovative hanging and climbing actions, well-designed levels, and adrenaline-pumping background music, especially in the action game genre and co-op gameplay. Now, after 33 years, this game, considered a classic by many players, is being remastered once again by the original team. Even though the average age of the team members is now 55, their passion for game development remains strong.

Regarding the music production, in addition to the contributions of "TENGO PROJECT's" Hiroyuki Iwatsuki, the renowned composer Iku Mizutani, who has created many excellent music tracks for "KAGE ~ Shadow of the Ninja" and various classic NES games, once again participates in creating the game's music. The re-arranged classic melodies will be presented in a more modern way, providing players with a more immersive and adrenaline-pumping experience.
ININ Games - Shadow of the Ninja – Reborn

Strictly Limited - Shadow of the Ninja – Reborn Collector's Edition - Nintendo Switch / PS4 / PlayStation 5