Collector's Edition preorders open for Irem Collection Volume 2

Jerry on 2023-07-15
Strictly Limited Games has opened preorders for Irem Collection Volume 2 Collector's Edition for Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PlayStation 5. The compilation bundles GunForce, GunForce II, and Air Duel with the soundtracks on compact disc.

Marking its first international release, Air Duel debuted in arcades in Japan in 1990. The vertical scrolling shoot-em-up allows the player to select from a Helicopter E-709 or Jet Fighter FG-40 to pilot at the start of each stage, playing alone or in cooperative two-player play.

Sidescrolling run-and-gun title GunForce was built on Irem's M-92 arcade system for release in 1991. Subtitled "Battle Fire Engulfed Terror Island," the player is pitted against waves of alien combatants in a high-stakes battle to take down a rogue military CPU. Also included is the Super Nintendo port developed by Bits Studios for release in North America the following year.

Known as GeoStorm in Japan, GunForce II arrived in arcades in 1994. Soldiers Max and Lei run and gun across five action-packed stages, traversed on foot or by mounting an abandoned tank or motorbike. Music for the game, inherited from Air Duel, is by Metal Slug series composer Takushi Hiyamuta.

The digital edition of the compilation for PS4 and PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch will be published by ININ Games, in collaboration with Tozai Games. From the product page:
GunForce: Originally released on the Super Nintendo in the West and in the arcades in Japan, you must run and gun your way through hordes of aliens to stop a rogue CPU and restore freedom to the world. The game shows no mercy and throws you into the enemy frontlines right from the start as you parachute into action. And if that’s not enough '90s action for you, how about doing a wheelie on a motorbike while shooting helicopters?

GunForce II: Featuring improved animations, enhanced gameplay, and a killer soundtrack, GunForce II was created by the same staff that later developed the Metal Slug series. It is considered the spiritual predecessor to the Metal Slug series, with many of its sound effects and designs being reused in the series. It is a must-play for all fans!

Air Duel: Air Duel is a 2D vertically scrolling shoot 'em up that was exclusively available in Japanese arcades and never made it to the West. Its inclusion in the Irem Collection Volume 2 marks its first-ever worldwide console release. Developed by the same legendary team at Irem that brought you GunForce and later the Metal Slug series, Air Duel offers 7 challenging stages that need to be mastered either alone or with a friend in co-op. eplay, and powerful graphics, which were among the best on the arcade platform at the time.
Strictly Limited - irem Collection Vol. 2 Collector's Edition

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