Irem Collection Volume 1 arrives on Xbox One & Series X|S consoles

Jerry on 2023-12-07
Irem Collection Volume 1 has launched for Xbox One and Series X|S consoles, published by ININ Games in collaboration with Tozai Games. The compilation is also available for Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PlayStation 5.

Vertically scrolling shooter Image Fight arrived in arcades in 1988, following up on the publisher's success with R-Type. The Irem Collection includes the arcade original, along with NES and PC Engine ports. Music for the science fiction title was scored by recent Irem hire Masahiko Ishida, credited as OH!G.I. Alfa Records published the soundtrack on compact disc the following year.

X Multiply debuted in arcades in 1989, placing players in the cockpit of the microscopic fighter X-002, injected into an infected human body. Image Fight II: Operation Deepstriker arrived on the TurboGrafx CD console in 1992, exclusivey in Japan. Music for the game is by Takushi Hiyamuta and Hiroshi Kimura.

Strictly Limited Games has opened preorders for the physical Collector's Edition for Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PlayStation 5. The compilation bundles arcade shoot-em-ups Image Fight, Image Fight 2, and X Multiply with the soundtracks, pressed on one compact disc.

From the product page:
Image Fight, released in 1988, was the first game in the series and set the standard for the rest of the franchise. The game was known for its challenging gameplay and impressive graphics, which were considered cutting-edge for their time. Players take on the role of a pilot fighting against a group of alien invaders and have to navigate through a series of increasingly difficult levels.

Image Fight 2, released in 1992, expanded on the gameplay of the original game and added new features. The game also boasted improved graphics and sound effects, making it an even more immersive and engaging experience. With the animations before and during the stages, this game creates a thrilling experience of playing the hero of an anime series.

X Multiply, released in 1989, was a spin-off of the Image Fight series and took the gameplay in a slightly different direction. The game is set in a biological world, and players must navigate through a parasite-infected human body filled with organic enemies and obstacles. X Multiply was known for its unique setting, challenging gameplay, and powerful graphics, which were among the best on the arcade platform at the time.
Strictly Limited - irem Collection Vol. 1 Collector's Edition

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