God Eater Burst joins PlayStation Plus Classics catalog

Jerry on 2024-03-19
God Eater Burst for PS4 and PlayStation 5 joins the PlayStation Plus Classics catalog today, available for PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers. PlayStation Portable title God Eater launched exclusively in Japan in February of 2010. D3 Publisher brought the expanded edition Burst to English-language regions in 2011.

Commemorating the 14th anniversary of the action role-playing game franchise Bandai Namco Games published the God Eater series soundtracks through Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube Music. The 52-track Burst soundtrack is composed by Go Shiina, featuring vocal track "Gods and Men" performed by Donna Burke.

Cross-gen title God Eater 2 launched for PSP and PlayStation Vita in 2014. The enhanced edition, titled "Rage Burst," launched for PlayStation 4 in 2016. God Eater Resurrection, an enhanced edition of "Burst," was included in the preorder bundle. The 76-track album on Spotify bundled music tracks from both editions.

Bandai Namco Studios partnered with developer Marvelous First Studio on God Eater 3, released for Windows and PlayStation 4 in 2019, then ported to Nintendo Switch. The 20-track soundtrack is composed by Go Shiina. God Eater 2 Rage Burst, God Eater Resurrection, and God Eater 3 are available for PlayStation 4 and Windows through Steam.

From the product page:
God Eater Burst: Aragami, unknown life-forms, have suddenly appeared. These predators eat and destroy everything in their path, including the homes of humans who are left helpless. In this dire situation, the biochemical organization, Fenrir, has succeeded in developing a bioweapon created from Aragami cells.

This weapon is known as God Arc and is used by special warriors referred to as God Eaters. On the verge of extinction, humanity has now found the only means to fight back against the Aragami. Form teams of up to 4 players and cooperate to fight against the Aragami in this high-speed hunting action game. Originally released for PSP, this enhanced version includes up-rendering, rewind, quick save, and custom video filters.
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