Amazing Bomberman by Konami launches for Apple Arcade

Jerry on 2022-08-06
Amazing Bomberman by Konami has launched for Apple Arcade. A music-centered spin-off for the franchise, each round lasts the duration of the current song. Competitive online battles support up to four players.

Konami has posted the "Space Junk Collector" music track to YouTube, previewing the main theme. Small details, such as bomb placement and explosion sound effects, will change depending on the current song.

The official website for Amazing Bomberman previews seven additional songs featured in the game, along with artist bios. They include "Bomb, Bomb! Blow'em All" by 8-bit music trio YMCK and "Arouser" by Masahiro "Godspeed" Aoki feat. Bruno Valverde.

Konami - Amazing Bomberman