February 29, 2024
Jerry on 2021-12-20

Laced Records presses Gears of War 3 double vinyl soundtrack

Laced Records of London publishes the Gears of War 3 deluxe double vinyl soundtrack album, composed by Steve Jablonsky.

Jerry on 2021-12-17

Laced Records presses Mega Man 2 & 3 vinyl soundtrack

Preorders open at Laced Records of London for the Mega Man 2 & 3 vinyl soundtrack, pressed to two ‘Mega Buster Blue’ heavyweight analog records.

Jerry on 2021-12-15

Heroes and Villains (First) Final Fantasy playlist added to Spotify

Square Enix uploads Spotify playlist, previewing first volume of four in the Final Fantasy Heroes and Villains vinyl compilation.

Jerry on 2021-12-15

Preorders open for Persona 25th Anniversary Deluxe Vinyl Box Set

Preorders open for the Persona 25th Anniversary Deluxe Vinyl Box Set, shipping from distributors Black Screen Records and iam8bit Japan.

Jerry on 2021-12-14

Persona 5 Vinyl Soundtrack: Essential Edition ships from iam8bit

Publisher iam8bit reprints Persona 5 vinyl soundtrack (Essential Edition) on four discs, composed by Shoji Meguro and the Atlus Sound Team.

Jerry on 2021-12-13

Square Enix opens preorders for Final Fantasy XIV: Vinyl LP Box

Square Enix store for North America opens preorders for "Wave 2" reprint of the four-disc compilation "Final Fantasy XIV: Vinyl LP Box."

Jerry on 2021-12-11

Halo Infinite vinyl soundtrack published by Mondo in Austin

Publisher Mondo of Austin, Texas presses Halo Infinite soundtrack to vinyl, composed by Gareth Coker, Joel Corelitz and Curtis Schweitzer.

Jerry on 2021-12-11

Persona 4 vinyl soundtrack album preorders open at iam8bit

Persona 4 vinyl soundtrack album to ship in 2022 on four analog records, featuring music by composer Shoji Meguro and vocalist Shihoko Hirata.

Jerry on 2021-12-11

Metaltoads vinyl arranges music from Battletoads

Metaltoads vinyl treats music by composer David Wise from developer Rare's 1991 Battletoads NES soundtrack to upbeat guitars and synths.

Jerry on 2021-12-11

Persona 3 vinyl soundtrack album published by iam8bit

Publisher iam8bit has opened preorders for the four-disc Persona 3 vinyl soundtrack, featuring music by Shoji Meguro from the PS2 role-playing game.

Jerry on 2021-12-10

iam8bit publishes Persona 1 & 2 Vinyl Soundtrack Bundle

Shipping in Q3 2022, the 3-disc bundle includes music from Revelations: Persona, Persona 2: Innocent Sin and Persona 2: Eternal Punishment.

Jerry on 2021-11-27

Trials of the Blood Dragon vinyl ships from Invada Records

The spiritual successor to Ubisoft's Farcry 3: Blood Dragon features a music score by Australian electronic music duo Powerglove.

Jerry on 2021-11-18

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy original soundtrack streaming on Spotify

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy original game soundtrack composed by Richard Jacques now playing on Apple Music and Amazon Music Unlimited.

Jerry on 2021-11-18

iam8bit presses Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania vinyl soundtrack

The 33-track digital soundtrack for Sega's Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania streaming on Spotify and Amazon Music Unlimited.

Jerry on 2021-10-29

G4F Records publishes Seasons After Fall vinyl soundtrack

G4F Records of France publishes Seasons After Fall two-disc vinyl soundtrack, composed by Morusque, aka Yann van der Cruyssen.