September 25, 2023

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Britt on 2023-05-22

Planet of Lana Original Soundtrack debuts on Amazon Music Unlimited

The Last Guardian composer Takeshi Furukawa contributes orchestral soundtrack to Planet of Lana, published by Thunderful Games.

Jerry on 2023-01-16

Wavetale soundtrack album by Joel Billie previewed on YouTube

Story-driven adventure game Wavetale by Thunderful features soundtrack by Joel Billie, available through Bandcamp and previewed on YouTube.

Britt on 2022-04-30

The Gunk published by Thunderful for Windows through Steam

Story-driven third-person action-adventure game The Gunk published through Steam by Thunderful, featuring music by Ratvader.

Jerry on 2021-09-19

Lost in Random digital soundtrack Complete Edition on Bandcamp

95-track digital soundtrack for Lost in Random by The Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra on Bandcamp and Spotify.