February 04, 2023

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Jerry on 2023-01-25

Persona Dancing Bundle ships from iam8bit and Black Screen Records

Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight and Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight soundtrack bundle previously pressed on compact disc.

Jerry on 2022-05-23

Hideki Naganuma scores Team Reptile's Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

Hideki Naganuma scores Team Reptile's Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, scheduled for release on Nintendo Switch and Windows via Steam in 2022.

Jerry on 2015-05-26

Jet Set Radio's digital album 'Sega Original Tracks' grinds onto Spotify

Jet Set Radio's Sega Original Tracks streaming on Spotify and Amazon Music, featuring music by Hideki Naganuma and Richard Jacques.

Jerry on 2012-10-05

Jet Set Radio Future's "Sega Original Tracks" skates onto Spotify

Selected tracks by composer Hideki Naganuma from Jet Set Radio Future available for streaming through Spotify.