The Sailor's Dream music score sails onto Amazon Music

Jerry on 2014-12-03
Independent developer Simogo has released the soundtrack to The Sailor's Dream by songwriter Jonathan Eng, available for streaming through Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon Music.

All 19 music tracks from the interactive narrative experience for iOS devices are composed, performed and produced by songwriter Jonathan Eng. The Sailor's Dream soundtrack was mastered by Kristofer Göransson at Svenska Grammofonstudion. The album features cover art by designer Simon Flesser, also responsible for writing lyrics sung by vocalist Stephanie Hladowski.

From the product page:
A peaceful narrative experience, in which the only objective is to satisfy your curiosity. Explore an ocean dream world, in which time passes even when you are not there, visit forgotten islands and piece together memories – some even existing beyond the screen of your device.
Apple Music - The Sailor's Dream Soundtrack