ROCK Deluxe Edition by Sexy-Synthesizer on Bandcamp

Jerry on 2012-03-15
Takeshi Nagai's 19-track studio album ROCK Deluxe Edition is available for purchase on Bandcamp. The founder of the chiptune-inspired Sexy-Synthesizer music group performs at live venues in the Tokyo area.

Sexy-Synthesizer has also contributed arrangements to various Square Enix cover compilations, including NieR Tribute Album echo, Love SQ, SQ Chips 1 & 2, and Final Fantasy VII, IX and XI Chips. Their original music appears on Namco Bandai's Touch My Katamari and Noby Noby Boy game soundtracks.

Excerpts from ROCK Deluxe Edition are streaming on the musician's SoundCloud channel, as well as the Spotify service.


From the Bandcamp page artist profile:
SEXY-SYNTHESIZER is founded in 2006 by Takeshi Nagai. Their sound is characterized by 1980's arcade sound effects and familiar electronic sounds, with vocoder vocals singing over all that. Simply categorizing the group with terms like "chiptune" and "8bit sound" are not enough to explain their distinctive rock/punk-based electro groove.

Bandcamp - ROCK Deluxe Edition
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