City Connection to publish Metal Black port for Nintendo Switch

Jerry on 2022-04-04
Publisher City Connection has unveiled the "S-Tribute×TAITO" project, an upcoming lineup of five Nintendo Switch ports of classic Sega Saturn games by Taito. The first up, vertical space shoot-em-up Layer Section & Galactic Attack S-Tribute, is due out April 28th.

Among the announced titles is scrolling shoot-em-up Metal Black, developed for Taito's F1 System hardware in 1991. Initially intended to be the third installment in the Darius franchise, Metal Black pits the pilot of the CF-345 Black Fly space fighter against hostile cybernetic aliens, dubbed the Nemesis.

Music for the game is by Yasuhisa Watanabe of Zuntata. Taito published a twelve-track arrangement album titled "Metal Black: The First" in 1997, currently available for streaming on Spotify and Apple Music. Excerpts are streaming on the Zuntata YouTube channel.

City Connection - S-Tribute×TAITO - Metal Black: The First