Gradius vinyl soundtrack album features NES & MSX scores

Jerry on 2020-10-11
Konami's Gradius franchise began with the arcade release of the sidescrolling shoot-em-up in 1985. The maiden voyage of the Vic Viper later took flight on the 8-bit Famicom and MSX home computer, the latter utilizing the Konami SCC+ chip for enhanced audio.

The 25-track album, composed by Konami Kukeiha Club sound team members, ships from distributor PixelCrib on clear vinyl. The Arcade Archives port of Gradius by Hamster Corporation is available for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

Gradius also part of Konami's 50th Anniversary Arcade Classics collection for PS4, Switch, Windows and Xbox One.

PixelCrib - Gradius Vinyl Soundtrack (crystal clear variant)