Glover vinyl soundtrack fitted for Respawned Records catalog

Jerry on 2020-03-01
Respawned Records has added the two-disc vinyl soundtrack to Glover to their catalog, featuring music composed by Rob Lord, Paul Weir and Mark Bandola.

The 3D platformer for Nintendo 64 was developed by Interactive Studios and published by Hasbro Interactive in 1998. The player controls a four-fingered sentient glove tasked with retrieving the Crystal Kingdom's lost crystals by rolling, bouncing, throwing and slapping a red ball to the goal of each of three stages, across six separate worlds.

Piko Interactive of San Antonio, Texas acquired the rights to the property in 2017 and plans on porting the classic title to Steam. The developer funded a Nintendo 64 release of 40 Winks by GT Interactive in early 2020.

The Glover composer trio collaborated on music and sound effects for the Discworld point-and-click adventure series by Psygnosis. Cover art for the vinyl records is by Drew Wise.

Respawned Records - Glover N64 Vinyl