Flying Neko Delivery soundtrack by Mark Sparling on Bandcamp

Jerry on 2022-10-21
Developer Fractal Phase has published Halloween-themed cat witch life simulator Flying Neko Delivery, available for Windows through Steam, and Nintendo Switch.

Feline witch protagonist Onigiri flies on an upgradable broomstick, delivering packages to villagers. The independently developed title invites players to forage for plants and fungi, customize the player character's cottage, and prepare meals at home.

The 18-track digital soundtrack by A Short Hike composer Mark Sparling can be purchased on Bandcamp and Steam, and is streaming on Amazon Music Unlimited and Spotify.

From the product page:
Take on the role of Onigiri, a feline witch who lives in a cottage and delivers packages flying on a broomstick. Customize your cottage, explore new worlds, forage plants and fungi, and meet quirky villagers along the way, while enjoying music by Mark Sparling, the composer for A Short Hike.

Deliver packages on a flying broomstick which you can upgrade. Simple and forgiving controls let you enjoy flying without worrying about crashing or combat. Explore diverse worlds and forage wild plants along the way!

Return to your cottage to cook food, craft upgrades, and unlock new abilities. Express yourself by decorating the cottage with customizable furniture.
Fractal Phase - Flying Neko Delivery