Final Fantasy VIII Revival Disc Blu-ray ships from North America

Jerry on 2016-03-04
In March of 2016, Square Enix North America's online store initiated shipments of the Final Fantasy VIII Vinyl soundtrack album. The cover depicts protagonist Squall, a member of the Balamb Garden mercenary force.

The recently released enhanced port Final Fantasy VIII Remastered is available for Windows, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, iOS and Andoid devices. The digital soundtrack to the game, composed by Nobuo Uematsu, is available for streaming on Spotify and Amazon Music.

Twenty years after the release of the Sony PlayStation role-playing game, Square Enix published the 74-track Final Fantasy VIII "Revival Disc," joining the series of Music Blu-Ray releases. Excerpts from the soundtrack are on YouTube, courtesy of the publisher.

From the product page:
Galbadia, under the influence of the sorceress Edea, mobilizes its great armies against the other nations of the world. Squall and other members of SeeD, an elite mercenary force, join hands with Rinoa, a resistance fighter, to fight against Galbadia's tyrannical rule and to prevent Edea from fulfilling her ultimate goal.
Square Enix Store (North America) - Final Fantasy VIII Revival Disc Blu-Ray