Capcom brings back memories with Okami Retro Arrangements

Jerry on 2015-01-14
Capcom responded to the positive reception of Clover Studio's action-adventure game Okami by publishing a series of variously themed arrangement albums.

Preceding compilations of easy listening, jazz and lounge music, "Okami Arrangement Collection, Pt. 1 Retro" selects as its theme the lo-fi aesthetic of vintage game consoles. For the album, Japanese chip music artists Hige Driver and Prof. Sakamoto cover "Crimson Helm, Begone" and "Brave Warrior Oki." These chiptune covers are joined by retro self-arrangements by Okami composers Masami Ueda and Hiroshi Yamaguchi.

Okami's Retro Arrangement Collection is available for streaming on Apple Music.

Apple Music - Okami Arrangement Collection, Pt. 1 Retro