May 27, 2016

Outskirts of Time album arranges Chrono Trigger

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Developer Square Enix has posted five music excerpts from "Outskirts of Time," an album arranging music from role-playing games Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross, overseen by composer Yasunori Mitsuda. Scheduled for release October 14, the music collection will feature the participation of Millenial Fair of Xenogears' Creid.

Austin Wintory publishes score to Tale of Tales' Sunset

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The Banner Saga composer Austin Wintory has published the 28-track soundtrack to Tale of Tales' first-person exploration title Sunset, available to stream in full through Bandcamp. Sunset tells the story of house cleaner Angela Burnes as she observes a violent uprising taking place in a Latin American military dictatorship in 1972.

The World Ends With You vocal tracks on SoundCloud

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Dissidia Final Fantasy composer Takeharu Ishimoto has uploaded "Someday" and "Calling" from The World Ends With You to his SoundCloud account, making the songs available to stream in full online. Live arrangements of music from the iOS and Nintendo DS role-playing game are also streaming on SoundCloud.

Dissidia Final Fantasy trailer themes on SoundCloud

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Square Enix in-house composer Takeharu Ishimoto has uploaded to his personal SoundCloud account the first two trailer themes belonging to the upcoming arcade brawler Dissidia Final Fantasy, developed by Team Ninja. The vocal arrangement of the Dissidia theme is sung by Final Fantasy Type-0 vocalist Chris Ito.

EarthBound Valentine's song from Itoki Hana

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For Valentine's Day, Kyoto-based game arranger and vocalist Itoki Hana has uploaded a rendition of "Pollyanna" from the Super Nintendo role-playing game EarthBound. The musician's songs based on background tracks from the Kirby, Pokemon and Mega Man X series are streaming on YouTube and SoundCloud.

The Megas' History Repeating: Red covers Mega Man 3

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Rock cover band The Megas, based in Los Angeles, California, have published History Repeating: Red, comprised of vocal tracks inspired by the storyline and soundtrack to Mega Man 3. The ten-track album, featuring cover art by vocalist Josh Breeding, is available to stream in full through the band's Bandcamp page.

Vocalist Itoki Hana arranges Kirby vocal covers

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Kyoto-based musician Itoki Hana has uploaded numerous vocal covers to SoundCoud of themes from the Kirby series of Nintendo action games. A guest arranger on the Mega Ran Japan Tour LP, her online chip remixes and vocal arrangements reinterpret compositions from EarthBound, Mega Man 3 and Final Fantasy III.

Supershigi sings Schala's Theme vocal arrangement

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Laura Shigihara (Supershigi on YouTube), designer of the independently developed role-playing game Melolune, has uploaded a vocal arrangement of "Schala's Theme" from Chrono Trigger in celebration of composer Yasunori Mitsuda's birthday. The video follows the musician's recent Skyward Sword cover, sung in Hylian.

Bunny Soldier's "And Dreams" live on YouTube

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Our live video of "And Dreams" by chip music group Bunny Soldier on Standby (Usagi no Heitai) is now available to view in 1080p high definition resolution on YouTube. Filmed at Mosaic in Shimokitazawa, the Japanese language music track is composed by Ui, with vocals by Mari and live visuals by m7kenji.

Have yourself a Very Random Christmas, 2012

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Nerdcore rapper Random, aka Mega Ran, has added vocal track "Christmas In My Town (Feat. Lefty)" to A Very Random Christmas EP. Available through Bandcamp for "name your price," the holiday-themed album is written and performed by the creator of Forever Famicom, Mega Ran 5th Anniversary Edition and Black Materia.

Final Fantasy Vocal Collection album planned

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Square Enix will publish the compilation album Final Fantasy Vocal Collection on January 30 in Japan under the catalog number SQEX-10360. The single-disc release is scheduled to include ten songs composed throughout the 25-year history of the RPG series, including "Eyes On Me," "Melodies of Life" and "Suteki da ne."

Altema shares Bunny Soldier on Standby chip EP

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Altema Records has released the debut chiptune vocals EP by Usaginoheitai wa Taiki (Bunny Soldier on Standby). Titled "Fictional Promptness," the five-track album, featuring cover art by Aya Ogasawara and pixel artist m7kenji, is available to stream in full online and download for free in mp3 format.

Chaos Rings II launch trailer

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Square Enix has posted the launch trailer for iOS title Chaos Rings II, which is due for release on March 15 in Japan. The role-playing game series features extensive voice acting and music by Noriyasu Agematsu.


IMERUAT album Black Ocean announced

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Final Fantasy XIII composer Masashi Hamauzu and vocalist Mina have posted the track list for their debut album as music group IMERUAT, which is titled Black Ocean. The 13 track studio album will debut at the Fantasy Rock Fes event in Tokyo on March 17.


Chaos Rings II theme song promo video

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Square Enix has scheduled the release of portable role-playing game Chaos Rings II for later this month on iPhone and iPad. A brief trailer has been released for the maxi single for theme song "Celestial Diva," sung by Minori Chihara.