September 19, 2017

Telefuture publishes Cosmochoria music score

Source submitted by jeriaska on 2016-11-14 - comments
Telefuture has published the soundtrack to indie game Cosmochoria, composed by Ilkae, Zebra, and Mantrakid, featuring cover art by Nate Schmold. Catering to enthusiasts of ambient, glitch, IDM, synth and chip music, the score is available for purchase on Bandcamp, with excerpts streaming on SoundCloud.

Brigador - Uplink EP by Makeup and Vanity Set

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Makeup and Vanity Set has published "Brigador - Uplink EP," a collection of exclusive bonus tracks, including the original Brigador Theme demos as well as tracks inspired by the audiobook by Brad Buckmaster. The "Brigador, Vol. II," vinyl album is expected to ship in December, alongside professionally duplicated cassettes.

Brigador vinyl by Makeup and Vanity Set planned

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Independent developer Stellar Jockeys has announced plans in a recent Steam update to release a Brigador vinyl soundtrack album, published through the Telefuture record label. Music for the tactical mech combat title is by Makeup and Vanity Set, the Nashville-based synth group.

Telefuture publishes Soft Promises / Energize

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Telefuture celebrates the sounds of the 1980's by collaborating on retrofuturist music projects imbued with nostalgic elements. The label's latest release, Soft Promises/Energize single, showcases Boston chip duo BRIGHT PRIMATE's electronic rock and vocal stylings, with remixes by MisfitChris and Rolly Mingwald.

Telefuture label reaches Kickstarter crowdfunding goal

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Designer Steve Jenkins and Telefuture, a music label dedicated to 1980s-inspired sounds and visual design, have reached their Kickstarter goal, crowdfunding upcoming album releases. The project will be funded on Thursday, April 10, offering the digital music compilation "Eternalist" among its backer rewards.

Charles Park Trilogy by Makeup and Vanity Set

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After nearly a decade in the making, retrofuture music label Telefuture has released Makeup and Vanity Set's Charles Park Trilogy box set through Bandcamp. Lush poster art created by project illustrator John DeLucca has been supplemented by sleeve design by The Protomen cofounder Caspar Newbolt of Version Industries.

Telefuture publishes After Dark EP by Nowtro

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The latest album release by retrofuture netlabel Telefuture is Nowtro's five-track collection of VST synth and effects soundscapes, inspired by 1980's science fiction and horror film soundtracks. After Dark seeks to "recreate the atmosphere of a bleak and not too distant future where civilization is crumbling."

Arcade High's full-length album Pixel Passion

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Arcade High, the 1980's-inspired synthwave music project of Pittsburgh-based musician Ryan Boosel, has released a second full-length album through Bandcamp. Pixel Passion, following the Art of Youth, is available digitally and on 3" CDs packaged in a custom, hand-assembled, refurbished NES cartridge.

Telefuture compilation celebrates one-year anniversary

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'80s inspired netlabel Telefuture is celebrating the website's one-year anniversary with a new album, entitled One: A Telefuture Compilation. Exploring the expansive sounds of modular synthesizers and vintage gaming consoles, the selected music tracks by Spamtron, Rolly Mingwald and lpower are available for "name your price."

Telefuture posts Decades Passed 4 mixtape

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Retrofuture netlabel Telefuture has posted the Decades Passed 4 mixtape, featuring music by '80s synth-inspired artists, including Collins, Aphasia, Perturbator and Luvkraft. The forty-five minute program is available to download for free in mp3 format and can be streamed in full on Soundcloud.

Telefuture netlabel launches Bandcamp page

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Retrofuture netlabel Telefuture has launched its catalog on Bandcamp, providing full-length streaming of original chip music and 1980's-styled soundscapes. The neon-hued lineup includes Animal Magnetism by Collins, Formative Epoch by Mr. Nissness, Ultim8 Rave by Plainflavored + Spamtron, and more.

Telefuture shares Decades Passed 3 mixtape

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Retro future netlabel Telefuture has uploaded their third mixtape of contemporary compositions inspired by 1980's electronic music. Free to download in mp3 format from SoundCloud, Decades Passed 3 includes songs by Makeup and Vanity Set, Jake Kaufman (virt), Thomas Barrandon and Chromatic Dream.

Rolly Mingwald's debut release on Telefuture

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Musician Carl Peczynski's new persona Rolly Mingwald presents debut release "The New Girl" on the Telefuture retrofuture netlabel. Celebrating the synth music, Brat Pack movies, automobile models (and arcade cabinets?) of the 1980's, a video previewing the half-hour concept album can be viewed on Vimeo.

Telefuture posts Decades Passed 2 Mixtape

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Retro-futuristic netlabel Telefuture has posted their second mixtape of contemporary '80s influenced tunes, available for free download through SoundCloud. Decades Passed 2 features music by Bitapart, Arcade High, Garth Knight and Rolly Mingwald, with art by Steve Jenkins of Crystal Labs.

Decades Passed Telefuture Mixtape

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Retro futuristic netlabel Telefuture has posted a one-hour mixtape to SoundCloud, featuring contemporary artists who continue to employ the signature sounds and audio aesthetic of the 1980's. The compilation, featuring Mr. Nissness, is available to stream in full through The New LoFi promotional website.