September 19, 2017

Fragments EP arranges Legend of Mana themes

Source submitted by jeriaska on 2016-10-30 - comments
Fragments EP is the seventh release by game arrangement group Zephyr Cradle, scheduled for publication during the M3 hobbyist festival taking place at the Tokyo Ryutsu Center. Excerpts of all three music tracks, written by Yoko Shimomura for the PlayStation role-playing game Legend of Mana, are streaming on SoundCloud.

Breath of Fire I ~ III soundtrack collection published

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Available for purchase digitally for the first time outside of Japan, Capcom has published Breath of Fire I ~ III Original Soundtrack Collection through the English language online store. The compilation includes 192 music tracks in MP3 format from the Super Nintendo and Sony Playstation role-playing games.

The Yetee presses Mega Ran's Black Materia vinyl

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Record label Yetee Records will press a 12” 2xLP vinyl album featuring music from rapper Mega Ran and producer Lost Perception’s Black Materia album. The Final Fantasy VII-inspired record includes licensed arrangements of music by composer Nobuo Uematsu, reinterpreted by R23X.

Motoi Sakuraba records Band Arrangement Album

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Square Enix's Tokyo-based record label has posted excerpts of each track from composer Motoi Sakuraba's Band Arrangement Album, scheduled for release on June 8 in Japan. The album features music from the first two titles in the Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile role-playing game series developed by tri-Ace.

Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty vinyl on sale during GDC

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Vinyl record publisher Black Screen Records of Cologne, Germany is shipping the Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty vinyl soundtrack at a reduced price during the 2016 Game Developers Conference. Remastered by Edge of Nowhere composer Michael Bross, excerpts from the soundtrack are streaming on the Oddworld SoundCloud page.

Final Fantasy VIII Vinyl shipping from North America

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Square Enix North America's online store will ship the limited edition Final Fantasy VIII Vinyl analog record on March 31. The physical release includes "Liberi Fatali," "The Man with the Machine Gun," "The Extreme," and other tracks from the PlayStation-exlusive role-playing game selected by series composer Nobuo Uematsu.

The Orchestral SaGa album release set for March

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Square Enix has scheduled the publication of the two-disc Orchestral SaGa album for March 23 in Japan, featuring orchestral arrangements of music from various entries in the SaGa role-playing game series. Excerpts from both compact discs are now streaming on the Square Enix Music label's soundtrack website.

Ch'illout'' by CoLD SToRAGE reimagines WipEout

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Scheduled to span over twelve tracks in length, Ch'illout'' ambient revisions by CoLD SToRAGE (Tim Wright) will reimagine the composer's soundtracks to Psygnosis-developed racing games WipEout and WipEout 2097. "Operatique," previewed on YouTube, demonstrates the chilled-out atmosphere of the self-arrangement album.

Oddworld pressing collector’s edition vinyl soundtrack

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Oddworld Inhabitants has announced a collector’s edition vinyl soundtrack for Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty. The audiophile 180 gram record is scheduled to ship with Steam download codes for the remastered puzzle platformer, the soundtrack in mp3 format, and music from Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee by Josh Gabriel and Ellen Meijer.

Slipstream by CoLD SToRAGE remasters WipEout

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To commemorate the 20th anniversary of WipEout, composer CoLD SToRAGE (Tim Wright) has made SLIPSTREAM Volume One available for free download via Bandcamp. The twelve-track album applies 64 bit digital remastering to selected tracks from the Psygnosis-developed racing games WipEout and WipEout 2097.

Promise by Yoko Shimomura arranges Legend of Mana

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Coinciding with the first day of the Tokyo Game Show, developer Square Enix has posted cover art and excerpts of each track from Yoko Shimomura's Legend of Mana arrangement album. "Promise" will include new renditions of twelve themes from the action role-playing game, scheduled for publication later this week in Japan.

Phantasm by Threads of Fate composer Junya Nakano

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Earlier today, Threads of Fate composer Junya Nakano released his nine-track ambient electronica album "Phantasm," available to stream in full online through the musician's Bandcamp page. As an in-house composer at Square Enix, Nakano composed original music for Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy IV: The After Years.

The Farthest Memories II revisits Chrono Trigger

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Following the release of arrange album The Farthest Memories last April, the sequel by Resonant Sound revisits Yasunori Mitsuda's Chrono Trigger game score. Debuting today at the Autumn M3 festival, each track from The Farthest Memories II is available for download in mp3 format via SoundCloud.

R: Racing Evolution Audio promo video by Sweeprecord

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R: Racing Evolution Direct Audio, due for release September 19 in Japan on two discs, features music from the Namco Bandai racing game for Xbox, GameCube and PlayStation 2. A six-minute crossfade sample video uploaded by Sweeprecord previews music tracks by Yu Miyake, Hiroshi Okubo and Akitaka Tohyama.

Piano Opera Final Fantasy VII/VIII/IX announced

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Square Enix has announced piano arrange album Piano Opera Final Fantasy VII/ VIII/ IX for release on April 23 in Japan, featuring compositions by Nobuo Uematsu performed by pianist Hiroyuki Nakayama. Excerpts from "Opening ~ Bombing Mission" from Final Fantasy VII are currently streaming on the album website.