May 26, 2016

Leeni shares 8 Bit Heart Re-Start remixes

Source submitted by jeriaska on 2012-08-18 - comments
Chip musician Leeni of Seattle has released a free remix album through Bandcamp, titled "8 Bit Heart Re-Start." The compilation, featuring cover art by Jessica Aceti, includes arrangements of Leeni's songs by guest artists Trash80, KGHB, RobotMonkeyArm, the J. Arthur Keenes Band and Ouch, Fire!

Leeni releases Headphones On Your Heart charity EP

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Chiptune musician Leeni has released her latest collection of Game Boy music, titled Headphones On Your Heart. The EP is available through Bandcamp, with all proceeds going to the Jed Foundation, a non-profit organization working to reduce emotional distress among young people.


Labyrinth chiptune album by Leeni on Bandcamp

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Seattle-based chiptune artist Leeni's 9-track album Labyrinth is currently available to stream in full and download from Bandcamp for "name your price."


Leeni's new album is The Only Now

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Game Boy music artist Leeni has released her latest album, titled The Only Now. The 9-track album is available to stream in its entirety through Bandcamp.