October 20, 2017

Pirate Pop Plus soundtrack debuts on Bandcamp

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13AM Games has debuted the ten-track, collaborative soundtrack to Pirate Pop Plus, available for purchase digitally through Bandcamp. Game designer Hawken King of Tokyo's Dadako Studios just recently published the sprite-based bubble-popper, which supports crossbuy on New Nintendo 3DS and Wii-U consoles.

6180 the moon ported to iOS devices

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6180 the moon has been ported to iOS devices, following the release of the minimalistic platformer for Xbox One, Wii U and Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. The 13-track ambient soundtrack by Spongy Yi and Chaeeun Kim is available through the Merry Go Sound Bandcamp page.

Nifflas shares Affordable Space Adventures Soundtrack

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The soundtrack to independently developed title Affordable Space Adventures is now available for free download through designer Nicklas "Nifflas" Nygren's website. The nineteen track, 80-minute album featuring music from the stealth puzzle spaceship simulator for Wii U is by Nifflas, D Fast and Sidsel Hermansen.

Mega Man Battle Network anniversary album announced

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Capcom has announced plans to publish a 15th anniversary album containing arrangements of music from the Mega Man Battle Network game series. The release is planned for June 15 in Japan through the company's Suleputer record label, featuring music by Akari Kaida, Yoshino Aoki and Toshihiko Horiyama.

Trine trilogy music excerpts streaming on SoundCloud

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Music excerpts from Trine: Enchanted Edition, Trine 2: The Complete Story and Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power are streaming on the SoundCloud page of Finnish composer Ari Pulkkinen. All three music scores from developer Frozenbyte's sidescrolling puzzle platformer trilogy are published through the musician's AriTunes netlabel.

Calum Bowen shares Lovely Planet sheet music

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London-based composer Calum Bowen has uploaded sheet music from Lovely Planet's "Lovely City" theme to Dropbox, streaming online through the musician's Bandcamp page. Quick Tequila's kawaii FPS is described as a Keita Takahashi-styled first-person shooter for Windows, Mac and Linux, published through Steam.

Funktronic Labs' Nova-111 due August 25

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Turn-based sci-fi adventure game Nova-111 by independent developer Funktronic Labs has been announced for release on PlayStation Vita, Mac and PC on August 25. The soundtrack for the game, composed by Designing Sound blog contributor Jack Menhorn, can be previewed on Bandcamp and SoundCloud.

Q&A: Exploring novelty in Tengami and Framed

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Game designers Jennifer Schneidereit and Adrian Moore recently offered their views on the novel intersection of books, gameplay and music in Tengami and Framed. In this interview we hear how independent developers Nyamyam Games and Loveshack worked to propel pop-up books and visual novels into the realm of interactivity.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS music previewed

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As with Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the Nintendo Wii, series director Masahiro Sakurai has recruited a team of celebrity game composers to arrange stage themes for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS iteration of Super Smash Bros. Eleven music excepts from the portable title are now streaming on YouTube.

Carlo Castellano on the sound of The Swapper

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Carlo Castellano is the composer of The Swapper, the atmospheric cloning puzzler by Facepalm Games, based in Helsinki, Finland, making its console debut this week on the PlayStation Network. In this music interview, the composer details his approach to finding a unique sound for the independent game title.

Name your price for Shovel Knight soundtrack by Virt

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Yacht Club Games' 48-track soundtrack to Shovel Knight is now available to stream in full on Bandcamp and download in your file format of choice for "name your price." All tracks from the NES-style platformer, independently funded through Kickstarter, are composed by by Virt (Jake Kaufman) and Manami Matsumae.

David Wise on composing music for Tengami

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Having debuted on the App Store for iPhone and iPad, Tengami by Nyamyam Games is now scheduled for release on Steam and Wii U. We had the chance to speak with composer David Wise to hear about the creation of the independent game's soundtrack, which incorporates the use of traditional Japanese instrumentation.


DuckTales: Remastered soundtrack excerpts online

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The soundtrack to Wayforward's DuckTales Remastered by Jake Kaufman (Virt) has been released online for digital download, with brief samples of each track available to stream on Amazon mp3 and iTunes. The album includes the remastered soundtrack, Hiroshige Tonomura's NES score and 8-bit arrangements of the new themes.

Child of Light music score released through Bandcamp

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Canadian singer-songwriter Coeur de Pirate has released the soundtrack to Ubisoft Montreal's Child of Light, available to stream in full through Bandcamp. A turn-based role-playing game set in the mythical kingdom of Lemuria, English voice over narration in verse and rhyme has been paired with Yoshitaka Amano concept art.

Monster Hunter Frontier G soundtrack by Eicheph

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This weekend Capcom Japan released the Monster Hunter Frontier G two-disc soundtrack album by Street Fighter IV composer Hideyuki Fukasawa, "Eicheph" on twitter. The musician, whose scores include Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Street Fighter X Tekken, performs modular synthesizers in Tokyo as part of the Denshi Kaimen group.