September 19, 2017

Final Fantasy XV soundtrack album debuts in December

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Square Enix's North America online store has slated the release of the Final Fantasy XV soundtrack for December 21 on compact disc and Blu-Ray. Written by Kingdom Hearts composer Yoko Shimomura, excerpts of three piano arrangements are currently streaming on the Japanese language soundtrack website.

Fragments EP arranges Legend of Mana themes

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Fragments EP is the seventh release by game arrangement group Zephyr Cradle, scheduled for publication during the M3 hobbyist festival taking place at the Tokyo Ryutsu Center. Excerpts of all three music tracks, written by Yoko Shimomura for the PlayStation role-playing game Legend of Mana, are streaming on SoundCloud.

Pirate Pop Plus soundtrack debuts on Bandcamp

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13AM Games has debuted the ten-track, collaborative soundtrack to Pirate Pop Plus, available for purchase digitally through Bandcamp. Game designer Hawken King of Tokyo's Dadako Studios just recently published the sprite-based bubble-popper, which supports crossbuy on New Nintendo 3DS and Wii-U consoles.

Hitoshi Sakimoto scores The Zodiac Age for PS4

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Tokyo-based developer Square Enix has announced a high definition remastering of Final Fantasy XII exclusively for the PlayStation 4 home console. Titled "The Zodiac Age," music for the role-playing game is by Basiscape composers Hitoshi Sakimoto and Masaharu Iwata, with audio editing by Keiji Kawamori.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper soundtrack site opens

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Square Enix has opened the official website for the Final Fantasy Record Keeper soundtrack album, along with posting a crossfade sample video to YouTube. The free-to-play smartphone game for iOS and Android mobile platforms includes arrangements of music by Keiji Kawamori and Yuko Komiyama.

Final Fantasy XIV Before the Fall score samples

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Square Enix has uploaded a crossfade sample movie from the Final Fantasy XIV: Before the Fall soundtrack album. The Blu-ray music disc was released last year, with themes composed by Masayoshi Soken from A Realm Reborn's patches "Through the Maelstrom," "Defenders of Eorzeo," "Dreams of Ice" and "Before the Fall."

Square Enix previews Valkyrie Anatomia score

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Square Enix has uploaded a crossfade video featuring music from the smartphone title Valkyrie Anatomia, a prequel to Valkyrie Profile. "Second Attack," "The Immortal of the Labyrinth," and "Behave Irrational Part II" by series composer Motoi Sakuraba are also streaming in full on YouTube, via the Square Enix Music channel.

Bottom-Edge Persona covers unfavorably reviewed

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Bottom-Edge, a Japanese drum and bass group, has received negative reviews from Amazon Japan customers for their covers of Shoji Meguro's Persona 3 and Persona 4 themes. Officially licensed via Mastard Records, the two albums are styled after the band's BASS×BASS concept albums.

Ninja or Die album by Professor Sakamoto

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Tokyo-based keyboard game arranger Professor Sakamoto has published the third installment in the Insert conceptual album series. Following the side scrolling shooter-themed "Solar Soldier," "Ninja or Die" takes its inspiration from classic console ninja games. The eight-track album is available for purchase through Bandcamp.

Lumines Classic Vol.1 album announced

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The digital album Lumines Classic Vol.1 is planned to coincide with the worldwide launch of Lumines Puzzle & Music in September, developed for iOS and Android smartphones. The six-track retrospective includes music by Mondo Grosso and Takayuki Nakamura from the 2004 PlayStation Portable title.

Square Enix opens Kingsglaive soundtrack website

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Square Enix has opened the official website for the soundtrack to Kingslaive Final Fantasy XV. The two compact disc album is due for release on September 7 in Japan. Music for the motion picture opening August 19 in North America is by John Graham, featuring a main theme by game composer Yoko Shimomura.

Data Discs presses Out Run vinyl soundtrack

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London-based label Data Discs has opened preorders for the Out Run vinyl soundtrack album, expected to ship in July. Music from the 1986 Sega driving game and the recently released Nintendo 3DS enhanced port is by Hiroshi "Hiro" Kawaguchi, Masayoshi Ishi, Manabu Namiki and Chibi-Tech.

Meta by Mr. Spastic published through Cheapbeats

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Chip music album Meta by Mr. Spastic (Nathan McCoy), the spiritual successor to 2014's Granta Digital, has been published through the Tokyo-based Cheapbeats label. Available for purchase through Bandcamp, the twelve-track LP includes two danceable arrangements by fellow chip musicians Ultrasyd and Doomcloud.

Square Enix schedules Kingdom Hearts concert tour

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Tokyo-based developer Square Enix has announced the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World Tour, scheduled to take place over the course of a year and including the participation of director Tetsuya Nomura and composer Yoko Shimomura. The first live event happen on August 11 in Tokyo, featuring the Siena Wind Orchestra.

Everyone's Bravo disc debuts at Final Fantasy tour

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The Siena Wind Orchestra is currently on tour in Japan, performing Final Fantasy series music by composer Nobuo Uematsu. Record label Square Enix Music has pressed a compilation album for sale on tour stops, entitled "Everyone's Bravo" featuring arrangements by Jabberloop, Rio Okano and other artists.