October 20, 2017

Carlo Castellano on the sound of The Swapper

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Carlo Castellano is the composer of The Swapper, the atmospheric cloning puzzler by Facepalm Games, based in Helsinki, Finland, making its console debut this week on the PlayStation Network. In this music interview, the composer details his approach to finding a unique sound for the independent game title.

Carlo Castellano scores cloning puzzler The Swapper

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The Swapper, whose development was supported by the Indie Fund funding source for independent developers, revolves around the player wielding an experimental device that he can use to clone himself and jump between his various doubles. Music for the game, due out May 31, is by Invaders: Corruption composer Carlo Castellano.

The musical destinations of Digital Voyages

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The Nubuwo Summer Bundle project's Digital Voyages compilation features audio from various independent game titles. Included is music from The Swapper by Carlo Castellano, Cream Wolf by Mark DeNardo, Dyad by David Kanaga, Mirage by Andi Bissig and Soundstory by Zach Parrish, among other game-related audio.