September 19, 2017

Fragments EP arranges Legend of Mana themes

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Fragments EP is the seventh release by game arrangement group Zephyr Cradle, scheduled for publication during the M3 hobbyist festival taking place at the Tokyo Ryutsu Center. Excerpts of all three music tracks, written by Yoko Shimomura for the PlayStation role-playing game Legend of Mana, are streaming on SoundCloud.

Promise by Yoko Shimomura arranges Legend of Mana

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Coinciding with the first day of the Tokyo Game Show, developer Square Enix has posted cover art and excerpts of each track from Yoko Shimomura's Legend of Mana arrangement album. "Promise" will include new renditions of twelve themes from the action role-playing game, scheduled for publication later this week in Japan.

Zephyr Cradle plans anniversary Chronostalgia album

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Game arrange circle Zephyr Cradle has scheduled the release of their fifth album for the 2014 Autumn M3 hobbyist festival in Tokyo. Entitled "Chronostalgia," the compilation includes renditions of role-playing game themes by Daijin, with guitar and bass accompaniment by Isami.

Zephyr Cradle revisits Shimomura's "Hometown Domina"

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During this weekend's M3 hobbyist festival, game arrange circle Zephyr Cradle released a tribute to Yoko Shimomura's Legend of Mana music score. Composed of six separate artists' interpretations of the "Hometown Domina" theme, the full EP is free to download in mp3 format through the group's album page.

Yoko Shimomura 25th Anniversary album Memória

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Square Enix has announced their second Yoko Shimomura arrange album compilation, due for release on March 26. Following Drammatica, the 25th Anniversary commemorative compilation, entitled "Memória," will feature new recordings of the composer's themes from Kingdom Hearts, LIVE A LIVE and Legend of Mana.

Prof.Sakamoto's March 22 show archived on Ustream

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Professor Sakamoto's March 22 installment of Prof.Sakamoto's Game Music Show has been archived on Ustream. The musician's most recent batch of live keyboard game arrangements includes medleys of music from Legend of Mana, Ghosts'n Goblins and Gradius, among other memorable console game scores.

Press Start adds Legend of Mana and Muramasa

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The 2012 Press Start Symphony of Games Concert, scheduled for September 23 at Tokyo's Bunkamura Orchard Hall, has updated its program to include music from several additional game titles. The latest additions are Legend of Mana, Muramasa, Final Fantasy XI, Darius, Ace Attorney and Ihatovo Monogatari.