May 06, 2015

Patricia Rudisill arranges Gravity Rush for strings

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Violinist Patricia Rudisill has uploaded a set of Super Nintendo era game arrangements to SoundCloud, featuring music from Chrono Trigger, Super Mario World and Super Mario RPG. Other themes from more recent titles such as Gravity Rush can be viewed as quartet performances on YouTube.

Press Start Symphony of Games planned for September 2012

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The annual Press Start Symphony of Games orchestral concert will take place on September 23, 2012 at Bunkamura Orchard Hall in Tokyo. This year the event will feature live performances of music from Nora for Nintendo DS, Gravity Rush for PlayStation Vita, and Zelda: Skyward Sword for Wii.

Gravity Rush concept movie

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To offer a sense of just how long Gravity Rush has been in development prior to its release on June 12 for the PlayStation Vita, Sony has uploaded a concept movie from 2008 demonstrating the title's central gravity-shifting gameplay mechanic. Music for the game is by Resonance of Fate co-composer Kouhei Tanaka.

Gravity Rush soundtrack samples on Amazon

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Tokyo record label Team Entertainment has released the soundtrack album for PlayStation Vita action game Gravity Rush, featuring music composed by Kouhei Tanaka of Resonance of Fate. 45-second samples for each of the 47 music tracks can be heard on on Amazon.

Kouhei Tanaka scores Gravity Rush for PlayStation Vita

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Composer Kouhei Tanaka is writing original music for PlayStation Vita title Gravity Rush. The action adventure game, due for release in Japan on February 9, is being directed by Siren series designer Keiichiro Toyama.