November 29, 2015

Kyohei Fujita previews debut solo album

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Tokyo-based chip musician Kyohei Fujita has posted a two-minute sample to SoundCloud from his upcoming solo album, featuring cover art by Bugtronica game designer m7kenji. The two-minute sample conveys a sense of Fujita's signature style, combining lighthearted chip and toy sounds with melancholic undertones.

KUNIO shares Guilty Works cover anthology

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KUNIO, the Tokyo-based Game Boy musician whose artist name is inspired by the 8-bit brawler River City Ransom, performed last weekend at the Square Sounds Tokyo chip music festival at Koenji High. For the next seven days his 22-track anthology of unlicensed covers is free to download in mp3 format, under the title "Guilty Works."

Square Sounds posts 2014 Sabaco party lineups

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The organizers of the Square Sounds Tokyo 2014 pre-party and post-party events have posted the lineup for both chip music shows. Saitone, Tanikugu, Storz, DJ Master Kohta, Cheapshot and Minikomi will be performing at Sabaco in Waseda, Tokyo on September 26 and 29.

Square Sounds Tokyo Q&A with Mister Spastic

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The latest album release by Cambridge-based electronic music artist Mister Spastic (Nathan McCoy) is Granta Digital, distributed by Tokyo-based label Cheapbeats. In this interview, the chip musician discusses past and future stage performances, from Blip Festival in New York to the upcoming Square Sounds festival in Tokyo.

Square Sounds returns to Tokyo September 27 & 28

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Cheapbeats' Square Sounds Tokyo chip music festival will return to the Koenji High venue on the evenings of September 27 and 28, 2014. The live music event will feature performances by Chip Tanaka, Kplecraft, Mister Spastic, Kunio, m7kenji, Monodeer, No Carrier, the C-Men, TORIENA & NNNNNNNNNN, and other artists.

Cheapbeats 8 slated for July 19 at Sabaco in Tokyo

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The eighth installment of the Cheapbeats chip music event series will take place July 19 at Sabaco. Chiptune artists Xyce, Men of Mega, Zombectro, Minikomi, Cheapshot, NNNNNNNNNN, Yuko Orloc (formerly Coova) and KUNIO will be performing live at the event in Waseda, Tokyo.

Square Sounds Tokyo slated for September 27 and 28

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Chip music festival Square Sounds Tokyo has been announced for Saturday, September 27 and Sunday, September 28, 2014, one week following the Tokyo Game Show. The annual event taking place at the Koenji High venue features live performances by international chip musicians and game-inspired visual artists.

Square Sounds pre-party at Sabaco on 9.27

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Sabaco will host the Square Sounds chip music festival pre-party on September 27, one day before the start of the concert. Participating chiptune artists include Omodaka, Men of Mega, HarleyLikesMusic, Hige Driver, Abortifacient, Sparkyboy and Bryface. Entrance is 1500 yen and includes a drink ticket.

Hizmi's New Power on Cheapbeats netlabel

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Tokyo-based chiptune record label Cheapbeats has released Japanese FM synthesis creator Hizmi's lush electronica collection New Power. All six tracks, composed on the Japan-exclusive Sharp X68000 vintage PC, are streaming on Bandcamp. The digital download supports your file format of choice and includes source files.

Cheapbeats releases n00bstar's operat0r album

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Tokyo-based chip music netlabel Cheapbeats has released the album operat0r by n00bstar (James Clark) of Montreal, Canada. The ten-track successor to Recycled Material, available to stream in full on Bandcamp, was composed using klystrack, an Amigaesque chiptune music tracker tucked within the Klystron game engine.

Xyce releases fifth album, entitled "papillons"

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Dutch duo xyce (Tom 'xylo' Offringa and Roel 'cerror' Heerspink) have released their fifth album of gorgeous melody-driven chip music. Entitled "papillons," the 16 tracks, spanning Amiga 500, Atari ST1040e and Open ModPlug Tracker instrumentation, are streaming in full on the Cheapbeats Bandcamp page. Cover art is by m7kenji.

Cheapbeats 7 features Hally, Mega Ran, Cheapshot

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Chip music event Cheapbeats 7 has been slated for the evening of June 21 at 6:00 pm, taking place at the Heavy Sick venue in Hatagaya. The show will feature live music performances by game-inspired artists Hally, Mega Ran, DJ DN3, Bun, Chibi-Tech, Omodaka and Cheapshot, with visuals by m7kenji and Lazerbeat.

Sabaco hosts CheapBeats 6 chiptune event

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Sabaco of Waseda, Tokyo will be host to the Cheapbeats 6 chiptune event, taking place Saturday, January 26 at 5:00 pm. The show will offer live chip music by Hally (Chiptuned Rockman), Bun (Final Fantasy X Chips), Aliceffect, Cheapshot and Minikomi (Blip Festival Tokyo) as well as visuals by m7kenji (FAMI-MODE).

Cheapshot Blip Festival Tokyo 2011 live set on SoundCloud

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Now joining Minikomi and Trash80, Cheapshot of the Cheapbeats Tokyo chiptune concert series has uploaded a recording of his Blip Festival Tokyo 2011 live set to SoundCloud.


Blip Tokyo: the 8-bit Apps of m7kenji

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Game creator m7kenji discusses performing as a DJ during the first Blip Festival Tokyo concert last year. His iPhone game Ringo is currently available to download for free from the Apple App Store.