November 25, 2015

RCT remix album debuts at Mega Rock Fan Festa

Source submitted by jeriaska on 2013-06-29
The RCT Mega Man remix album debuted earlier today at the Mega Rock Fan Festa. Taking place at Shibuya's Lapin et Halot space, the event featured live music by Mega Ran and the NSF Music Collective.

The compilation features chip remixes of Mega Man series themes by NSF members Hally, Bun, Tappy and Robokabuto, together with Asagen, Saitone, NNNNNNNNNN, Hige Driver, Far East Recording, Kunio and BOKKADENcI.

Chip renditions of Mega Man series themes by participating remixers are streaming on SoundCloud. Bun's collaboration with Mega Ran on the chiptune Splash Woman arrangement can be heard on the Mega Ran Japan Tour LP.

Chipwiki - RCT ALBUM

RCT Album

01 - KUNIO, Bubble Man Love & Snow Mix from Mega Man 2
02 - KAJA, Dr. Wily Stage 1 TNJ Mix from Mega Man
03 - 将軍, Title Shogun Mix from Mega Man 3
04 - Tappy, JMFM.MDX (Junk Man) from Mega Man 7
05 - hydden, Search Man Stage FDS Mix from Mega Man 8
06 - NNNNNNNNNN, Boss NNNNNNNNNN remix from Mega Man 7
07 - Hally, Metal Man Stage 2A03 or GBA something like that Mix from Mega Man 2
08 - Far East Recording - NitroMAN F.E.R. Mix from Mega Man 10
09 - Robokabuto - Heat Man -OverheatMIX- from Mega Man 2
10 - WASI303, Frost Man Stage(2A03+VRC6 Mix) from Mega Man 8
11 - Hige Driver, Blues Stage Hige Driver Remix from Mega Man 5
12 - Bun, Wily!!! from Mega Man World 2
13 - Y丸, Dr. Wily Stage -Chiptuned Mix- from Mega Man World 4
14 - Asagen, Toad Man Stage Asagen Mix from Mega Man 4
15 - BOKKADENcI, Wood Man "Woodn't" It Be Nice Mix from Mega Man 2
16 - K->, Wily Fortress (SPC2SPC) from Mega Man 7
17 - YS, We're The Robots FM Mix from Mega Man 9
18 - ajiponn, The Fight Against Dr. Wily (Eskimix) from Mega Man
19 - Saitone, Stage Select Saitone H.D. Mix from Mega Man