September 19, 2017

Kyoto's 1H1D!!! Vol.34 chiptune party slated for July 26

Source submitted by jeriaska on 2014-06-26
Kyoto music event series 1H1D!!! returns once again to Gion's Cafe la Siesta on July 26.

This time the late night chiptune party will be showcasing musical performances by guests Zombectro, KUNIO, m7kenji and G☆E, along with 1H1D crew members Foilverb, BOKKADENcI and DJ Master Kohta. Flyer art features "Controllers" character design by teto teco, illustrated for Vol.34 by tac-tis.

Archived video from 1H1D!!! Vol.25, 24, 22 and 18 are available to stream online on Cafe la Siesta's Ustream channel.

Cafe la Siesta - 1H1D!!! Vol.34