October 20, 2017

IDeeez illustrates Compilación Los Ongaku cover art

Source submitted by jeriaska on 2014-05-30
Tokyo-based illustrator IDeeez has designed the cover art for Compilación Los Ongaku, our curated collection of original and arranged music by game composers and game-inspired musicians.

The album will be available in June through Patreon, featuring tracks by Brian Cubría, Jacob Lincke, Francisco Cerda, El Huervo, Mutherpluckin' B, Jonathan Geer, 8 Bit Instrumental and other artists. IDeeez's contribution to the 2014 My Famicase Exhibition, a fictional Famicom cartridge entitled "DOKUMO Slayer," can be viewed on the METEOR website.

Further details regarding the Compilación Los Ongaku music collection will be posted this coming week.

METEOR - My Famicase Exhibition 2014

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