September 19, 2017

Francisco Cerda soundtracks streaming on Bandcamp

Source submitted by jeriaska on 2014-06-21
Chilean musician Francisco Cerda has published the soundtracks to Angry Henry and Save the Date, available to stream in full through Bandcamp.

The composer is currently contributing original themes to Jamestown Plus, the upcoming console port for PlayStation 4. He is also scoring the sprite-based indie game Witchmarsh for PC and Mac, recently funded for development through Kickstarter.

More information on the music of Francisco Cerda can be found in our Los Ongaku debut interview, available in both English and Spanish.

Bandcamp - Francisco Cerda

The Ongaku - Los Ongaku debut interview with Francisco Cerda

The composer gifted copies of his digital soundtrack albums to @mago_noriega, @saeusse, @madtyger, @Coconutcoo, @misterxxlnet, @tyronehooge, @mklachu, @EchoVGM, @paxl13 for retweeting this announcement post on #OSThursday