September 20, 2017

Five Seasons of kiЯitɘ streaming on Procyon website

Source submitted by jeriaska on 2012-12-22
Our Millennial Fair, the official website of Chrono Trigger composer Yasunori Mituda, is continuing its annual holiday tradition of streaming a previously unreleased music track in time for Christmas.

"A Narrow Space Between Dimensions" from the Chrono Cross Arrange Album appeared on the website in 2008. A piano arrangement of the main theme from massively multiplayer online game Lime Odyssey was featured in December of 2009. In 2011, the site shared a music track by Mitsuda from the NHK radio drama The Desert Songstress.

This time music from the Five Seasons of kiRite live concert from 2006 will be playable until the 25th of December. Listen to seven sound samples from the studio album on the official website.

Procyon Studio - Our Millennial Fair

Procyon - Five Seasons of kiЯitɘ