September 19, 2017

Final Fantasy XV soundtrack album debuts in December

Source submitted by jeriaska on 2016-11-13
Square Enix's North America online store has slated the release of the Final Fantasy XV soundtrack for December 21 on compact disc and Blu-Ray. Excerpts are streaming on YouTube and embedded on this page.

Written by Kingdom Hearts composer Yoko Shimomura, excerpts of three piano arrangements are currently streaming on the Japanese language soundtrack website. To access the excerpts, select either speaker option to enter the site, choose the second option to the left at the top of the screen (情報), then scroll down to "Bonus Disc / Piano Arrangement" and select "収録内容公開"

The Final Fantasy XV soundtrack series currently includes two other publications: John Graham's film score from the Kingsglaive CG film, and the background music from the "Justice Monsters Five" minigame.

Square Enix - Final Fantasy XV soundtrack excerpts

Square Enix North America - Soundtrack Standard Edition