October 20, 2017

Final Fantasy Acoustic Rendition streaming online

Source submitted by jeriaska on 2014-09-14
Vancouver-based musician Eiko Ishiwata, composer of the independently developed role-playing game Earthlock: Festival of Magic, has posted her 21-track collection of Final Fantasy acoustic renditions to Bandcamp.

Final Fantasy Acoustic Rendition is available to stream in full online, featuring compositions by Nobuo Uematsu from Final Fantasy IV~VII. Also streaming on the same page are the musician's arrangements of music from Hydorah, Splatterhouse and Pocky & Rocky.

Two pieces from Earthlock: Festival of Magic by Snowcastle Games are included in the Compilation Tokyo Saga. Final Fantasy Acoustic Renditions is included as a special gift as part of The Ongaku Japan Bundle, available for one week only.

Aycomusic Bandcamp - Final Fantasy Acoustic Rendition